Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Turn Off?

Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Turn Off?

Your home’s air conditioner keeps you cool and safe during periods of extreme heat in Sun Lakes, Queen Creek, Chandler, and other locations. Coming home to an AC unit that won’t turn off is among the worst scenarios. A constantly running air conditioner is frequently caused by frozen evaporator coils, a low refrigerant charge, and the use of a constrictive air filter.

Reasons your Air Conditioner might not Turn Off

All of these issues are simple fixes that an HVAC service in Queen Creek can fix.

Restricted Air Filter

A clogged filter restricts airflow. As a result, the AC system has to adjust by running continuously to cool your home. You might resolve it by changing the clogged filter.

High MERV rating filters may not be suitable for all cooling systems. Change to a filter with a reduced MERV rating to see if that solves the problem.

The AC Fan is Set to On

It is very simple to resolve if your thermostat is set to ON rather than AUTO. A typical AC fan operates independently of your air conditioning system. Together, these two pieces of equipment will provide cool, cozy air for your home.

Examine the fan setting on your thermostat to determine the problem for yourself. If it’s set to AUTO, another problem might be at the root of the problem. Contact an AC repair in Sun Lakes.

A Malfunctioning Thermostat

Another possibility if your air conditioner won’t turn off is a broken thermostat. If you notice that the indoor temperature is lower than the thermostat setting you selected, that may be a sign.

Your AC system may start up unexpectedly or run continuously because of this. Unfortunately, this problem typically indicates that you require a new thermostat. Call an HVAC professional immediately and ask them what to do.

The Defective Relay Switch

Relays function by opening and shutting the electrical circuits that run through your air conditioner, including the one that powers the fan. These relay switches may become jammed or damaged over time, impairing the communication between the thermostat and fan.

Although you can attempt to turn the AC system off, the fan might still run. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t attempt to solve this issue alone. Because this could be an electrical problem, it’s best to contact a reputable AC company in Chandler.

Short Circuit

Short circuits in your AC unit are another frequent offender. Whatever you type into the thermostat at this point is probably not recognized. However, your AC system is incapable of adjusting.

A short circuit may very well cause your air conditioner’s run. Call a seasoned provider for assistance if you need HVAC knowledge to resolve this air conditioning issue.

Temperatures are High Outside

If it’s too hot outside, your air conditioner might struggle to keep up. Increase your thermostat by 5 to 10 degrees and see if your unit shuts off to see if this is the issue. If it does, the AC system is probably too small for your house.

It is one of the main reasons an air conditioner continues to run even after being turned off. Sadly, purchasing a new device is the only way to resolve this problem. If you contact a specialist, they can suggest a system that is ideal for your house.

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