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Why choose us?

What makes us different from the other guys? We work and we’re honest. Seriously. We fully recognize you have options to choose from for your A/C and HVAC needs but our structure allows for a quick response, low rates and the highest professional level of service in the industry. Call us today and find out for yourself!

Money Saving Tips

ENERGY SAVING TIP…..Don’t forget to change your filters every 30 days for maximum efficiency and lower summer time electric bills!!

WARRANTY TIP…………..Even if your unit is still under factory warranty, the manufacturer requires annual maintenance to be performed by a licensed professional to keep warranty in tact. Manufacturer will not replace parts that fail due to lack of maintenance.

In addition to these two items, consider Monster Air’s Top 3 Tips to help you save on your energy bill this summer:


Do you have a hot or cold room in your house? Having an air balance done in your house can eliminate the imbalance in your house and maximize the efficiency of your system.

Keep the AC higher in the day and lower at Night:

Nighttime temperatures let the unit run more efficiently and are easier on the components of the system giving the unit increased longevity. Turn that thermostat up during the day and down at night!

Have Monster Air inspect your unit:

Doing the preventative maintenance on your ac unit keeps the factory warranty intact and also maximizes your efficiency. IF YOUR AC UNIT IS LOW JUST 10% LOW ON FREON IT WILL RUN UP TO 25% LONGER, INCREASING YOUR ELECTRIC BILL AND DECREASING THE LIFESPAN OF YOUR UNIT!!