Importance of Proper Air Conditioner Installation for Efficiency

Importance of Proper Air Conditioner Installation for Efficiency

It must be weird to say that improper installation can cause efficiency and other Air conditioner problems in the long run? But it is true. Mistakes in the installation process can cause malfunctioning issues and give rise to new problems that could have been avoided if appropriate tools and safety protocols were applied during the installation time.

Purchasing the most efficient Air conditioner unit is only beneficial if you hire a reliable and professional AC installation company in Chandler for the installation process.

Essential Things a Professional Technician Keeps in Mind During AC Installation

According to our AC company installation in Chandler, here are the things a professional AC keeps in mind to ensure the AC system is installed perfectly:

  • An AC indoor unit system should be installed 7-8 feet above the ground to receive air services. And the AC system should at least have a gap of 2-3 inches from the ceiling.
  • The professional AC technician looks for the location best for the AC system from where the air goes to every corner. The perfect place to install the AC unit is above the windows and away from the door.
  • The outdoor unit should be installed accurately because it contains components like a compressor and condenser. The outdoor unit should be installed a few centimeters away from the wall for appropriate functioning.
  • The refrigeration tubes connecting the AC outdoor and indoor unit should be covered with insulation material without leaving any space.
  • The outdoor unit must be placed on a flat and plain surface. Also, it is best for the outdoor AC system if it is away from the sunlight.

Advantages of Proper Installation Process

Here are some advantages of calling a professional AC technician who ensures the AC system is installed precisely and perfectly:

  • If the outdoor unit is installed in the way of sunlight, it will affect the working of the condenser and compressor because of overheating.
  • When the outdoor AC system is installed around the bushes or trees, it will help reduce the carbon footprint and increase efficiency. Remember, the greenery should never be so close to the system that they start affecting the AC system.
  • If you have an AC system that uses a duct system for air distribution, you need to take special care during duct installation because faulty, loose, or disconnected ducts can lead to a loss in efficiency.
  • Proper installation of condensate drain eliminates the problem of water leakage and clogging. Moreover, the risk of mildew or mold growth diminishes with proper installation.

Why are Professional AC Technicians Best for Conducting HVAC Services?

Professional HVAC services company in Chandler offers their services at costly prices, but you do not pay the installation technician but the numerous benefits you get along with the service:

  • An AC professional operates and performs the AC service with precaution and by following all the protocols.
  • AC professional provides warranty and guarantees on the services. The HVAC service technician in Chandler will rectify the mistakes caused during the previous service without charging additional fees.
  • AC technicians have the latest tools to perform the service with precision.
  • Professional AC technicians have experience and training to skillfully and quickly finish the repair and installation service.


Numerous technicians in the locality will deliver services at cheap rates, but would they provide you a guarantee for successful completion of the service?

Call Monster Air and Mechanical LLC to hire efficient and professional AC company technicians in Chandler.