How Often Should You Change Your HVAC Filter?

How Often Should You Change Your HVAC Filter?

Knowing when to change your HVAC filter is important to maintain the air quality inside your home. Timely replacement of the HVAC filter can also help your HVAC system last longer and avoid unexpected damage and costly repairs. It will also improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system and hence save you money. 

The simplest and most efficient way to get your HVAC filter replaced is to contact your nearest HVAC service in Queen Creek. But that does not mean you cannot change it yourself at home.

How to Determine How Often to Change the HVAC Filter?

Here are a few factors to consider which will help you determine how often you need to change your HVAC filter.

Type of Air Filter: 

If you are using a cheap fiberglass air filter, then it is recommended that the filter be replaced every month, i.e., every 30 days or so. Whereas, if you use a higher-end pleated filter, you only need to replace it once every six months. 

This comes with a caveat as the longer the air filter is left without replacement, the more dirt, dust, and other allergens will accumulate in the air filter, reducing the HVAC system’s energy efficiency.

Allergies or Asthma: 

If one or more family members at your home suffer from any dust allergies or even a condition like asthma, it is highly recommended to replace the HVAC filter at least once every six weeks. 

Indoor air can frequently be worse in quality than outdoor air due to limited ventilation and so changing your filter often is required to keep the level of pollutants at a minimum. We also provide one of the best heat pump repairs in Chandler, AZ at an affordable price.

Indoor Pets:

If you have furry friends living with you at home, you know that shedding can be a huge challenge when it comes to maintaining air quality. Pets like cats and dogs are constantly shedding their furry coats, and it gets especially worse during the changing of seasons. 

Over time, this can trigger allergies and other respiratory issues if not controlled properly. Replacing your HVAC air filter at least once every two months is a great first step to dealing with this problem.

Local Climate: 

Depending on your local climate and temperature, you may need to use your HVAC for anywhere from a few hours to throughout the day.

On the other hand, if you live in a state like Arizona, the scorching heat will require you to keep the HVAC system on throughout the day. In that instance, you will need to replace your air filter once every few weeks.

To have your HVAC filter replaced without any hassle, contact your nearest heating repair in Chandler and Queen Creek. We offer well-trained technicians who can assess your HVAC system and your living conditions and help you determine how often you should replace your air filter.