How Do I Make My Furnace Quieter?

How Do I Make My Furnace Quieter?

We understand that a noisy furnace can be troublesome. After all, who doesn’t want peace in the house to work quietly? There might be several reasons behind your furnace constantly making noise, which can be heard even from the depths of the basement! Maybe you’re a bit behind your regular maintenance schedule or have not gotten in touch with a company for HVAC service in Chandler lately. All of these reasons can contribute to your furnace making more and more noise with the passing day. We’ve brought together a list of the potential problems that might be troubling you and your family members. Keep reading this article to find out more about the ways to make your furnace quieter.

Different Ways A Furnace Produces Noise

Usually, an older furnace makes much more noise than the newer models. This might be due to faulty or old parts that need replacement or maybe it’s the furnace that needs replacement altogether. Whatever the cause might be, you’ll be able to figure it out after going through this article.

Banging Noise Made By the Furnace

This can happen to be due to the accumulation of gas in the burning chambers. The reason behind gas accumulation is a dirty burner. Dirty burners can lead to stalled igniters, which in turn lead to gas accumulation. So, when your burner finally ignites, it does so with a boom or bang sound caused by the collective ignition of the gas.

This is extremely dangerous and should be resolved immediately to prevent serious damage to your house and furnace. The reason might also be the ductwork of your house as the metal contracts and expands when a furnace starts. Check your ductworks and make sure that there is enough space for the air to pass out.

Gurgling Noise Made By the Furnace

This happens because a high-efficiency furnace often discharges moisture in the form of water which collects up and makes a bubbling sound. This requires professional assistance immediately.

Knocking Noise Made by the furnace

A furnace usually makes a knocking noise when an internal component or part is going to break down or has broken down. This should be resolved at the earliest and maintenance appointments should be made often to check the furnace.

Buzzing/Humming Noise Made By the Furnace

A furnace usually makes this noise when there’s an electrical issue in the furnace or power supply. You should call in the professionals if this is the case for heating repair in Chandler.

How To Make A Furnace Quieter?

There are several ways to make your furnace quieter. You can try out all of these ways and your furnace will surely get quieter after these solutions.

  • Make Regular Appointments With HVAC Experts: This is the most obvious solution to making your furnace quieter. You can purchase a yearly maintenance plan or call in technicians regularly to check up on your furnace.
  • Regularly Replace Your Furnace’s Dirty Filter: Replacing a dirty air filter can do wonders for a furnace. It can cut electricity costs, cool the room effectively, ensure smooth functioning and make the furnace quieter than a whisper.

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