Guide To Light Your Furnace

Guide To Light Your Furnace

Our furnaces can incur various problems, ranging from unwanted noises to complete breakdowns. Different components work differently in a furnace, and each of them is responsible for its efficient working. One such component that you need to look out for is your furnace’s pilot light.

The pilot lights your furnace so that it starts generating heat and warming the house. The pilot light can often go out, causing your furnace to malfunction and not start working. Before you contact your HVAC company for furnace repair services in Chandler, AZ, you should try fixing this problem yourself.

You need two objects before you start working on lighting the furnace, a long-necked lighter, and a fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher is for safety purposes, and you may not need it unless you mess up. By following these simple steps, you can light your furnace back and make it work:

Switch off your furnace

We would not want you to get an electric shock while you fix your furnace’s pilot light. Before doing anything, ensure that you switched off your furnace. You can also wear safety gear like rubber gloves before proceeding further for extra precautions. Monster Air & Mechanical LLC also provide heating repair in Chandler, with the same commitment to quality and professionalism  

Check the other possible factors

A faulty pilot light is not the only reason why your furnace is not generating heat. Many other reasons can cause your furnace to malfunction and not work. Before you treat the pilot light, check the furnace breaker, air filters, electric and gas sources, and thermostat settings to ensure that the pilot light is the real culprit.

Once you are sure that the breaker did not trip, the air filters are clean and unclogged, the gas sources are rightly fit, and the thermostat is at the right setting, you can start working on the pilot light.

Find the instruction label

All furnaces have instruction labels that have information on how to light the furnace. This instruction label can be anywhere on the furnace, so you need to find it. Usually, it is small and has fine prints, so you may not locate it easily. Read it thoroughly and follow the steps to light your furnace if you find it. If you cannot find it, continue reading to know how to do so. 

Find the pilot light

Check the bottom of your furnace for the pilot light. You may find the label and its switch there. The pilot light burns constantly. If it is not burning, switch the button to ‘off’ and wait for a few minutes. After a few minutes, switch the button to ‘on’ and hold the ‘reset’ button that should be near this switch. Use your lighter to light the pilot light and release the ‘reset’ button once it starts burning.

Your furnace may face problems with its pilot light when it crosses the 15-year mark. If you can not light your furnace using the above steps, you should contact a technician for heating repair services in Chandler, as the real problem may not be the pilot light but some other component. Monster Air & Mechanical LLC is ready to help you with all types of HVAC problems and appliances. You can contact us at (602) 616-0127 or email us at [email protected].