What Are These 6 Weird Noises Your AC Is Making and Why?

What Are These 6 Weird Noises Your AC Is Making and Why?

Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand if the air conditioner is working efficiently or creating weird noises. You must have experienced low noise while switching on the air conditioner. Nowadays, most HVAC units use sound dampening technology. Are you aware of sound dampening technology? The sound dampening technology helps to maintain the sound levels between 25 and 55 DB. 25 DB indicates -a whisper sound. 55 DB is similar to natural mid-level conversations at your place. If you are experiencing a loud and irritable sound from your air conditioner, your AC is giving you an indication to hire an HVAC specialist.

Types of Noises You AC Makes

The noises are usually a warning it’s time to repair or replace your HVAC system. Here is the list of 6 weird air conditioner noises you should never ignore:

Bubbling Sound

Excess moisture may create a bubbling sound in air conditioners. A blockage or leakage in a draining pipe often leads to moisture issues. It is advised not to check drainage pipes on your own as it requires special skills and tools to resolve the bubbling sound. Our AC company in Chandler has skilled technicians who can help you resolve such issues.

Humming Sound

If you notice a humming sound in your air conditioner, there is nothing to worry about it. Humming sounds occur due to loose electrical connections. Make sure your refrigerant pipe is working efficiently. You need to check if there are any loose connections. This’ll avoid any severe problems in the future.

Clicking Sound

When you switch on or switch off your AC, you might feel a clicking sound. While you can ignore these sounds, never avoid the continuous clicking sound due to electrical malfunction that can be very dangerous for your home. To resolve the electrical malfunctioning or thermostat issue, connect with an HVAC partner. You can contact our expert team if you are looking for HVAC service in Queen Creek.

Squealing Sound

The squealing sound is an indication that the blower and fan motors are not working efficiently. It is a very usual sound while switching on the air conditioner. But any such high-pitched noise is harmful. Connect with your HVAC partner today.

Rattling Sound

The rattling sound in an air conditioner is due to the accumulation of dirt or leaves in the outdoor condenser unit. It’s necessary to get this fixed timely to avoid any damage to the compressor. There are two ways to resolve this issue-Disassemble the unit and clean it or hire a technician.

Hissing Sound

A refrigerant line leak leads to a hissing sound. Leakage not only harms the air conditioner but also creates health problems for your loved ones at home. Be it any noise, a routine checkup of your air conditioner is a must. Never avoid air conditioner noises thinking, AC is working efficiently. Hire a specialist today and get it checked immediately.

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