Top 6 HVAC Maintenance Tips for September

Top 6 HVAC Maintenance Tips for September

Time flies quite quickly. After a few warm and comfortable summer months, it’s time for the Fall season now. After a few pumpkin-spiced lattes, within no time winter would be here. You should be well prepared for any season because comfort always comes first. The HVAC system functions differently during different seasons. September’s here, which means that it’s time to wrap up the summer air conditioning and prep the furnace for its job.

Useful HVAC Maintenance Tips

Here are some relevant HVAC maintenance tips that can help you during the fall season :

Clear the Entire Area

If your system has been exposed outside the entire summer, make sure to clean it properly. Additionally, clear the surroundings from leaves, debris, and other junk, ensuring sufficient security. You can prevent unwanted critters from entering the pipes or ducts by maintaining cleanliness around them. Monster Air & Mechanical LLC also provide heating repair in Chandler, with the same commitment to quality and professionalism 

Get the Furnace Professionally Evaluated

It is a lot of work to wind up the summer AC system all on your own. Getting professional help from HVAC services in Queen Creek will ensure quality checkups of the system and make it ready for the upcoming winters. Especially in the case of an old system, you better replace it with a new and functioning system. A brand new system will cost you cheaper bills, providing reliable heating and ventilation in the winters.

Changing the Air Filter

Ideally, air filters must be replaced every 2-3 months. Hence, it’s practical to change them before a new season. Filters tend to get blocked by dirt and dust, which reduces the air quality and makes the HVAC system work harder. It’s necessary to replace them to ensure the efficient working of the system. AC company can help you with the filter replacing process, that too, at reasonable prices.

Schedule a Tune-Up

One should schedule at least two tune-ups every year. Once before the furnace season and the other before AC season. The team of HVAC services in Chandler shall inspect the system thoroughly and fix every fault, be it minor or major. This part of maintenance is very vital for any mechanical system to last long and work excellently.

Look Into the Thermostat

The temperature is going to fall in the next few months. If your thermostat is programmable, it is best to change its settings according to the season. Set the temperatures in alignment with the outside weather. You can even use the timer feature. Doing this will reduce the pressure on the HVAC system and keep your monthly bills in check.

Clear the Vents and Pipes

Ducts, vents, and registers form important components of every HVAC system. Before the beginning of a new season, it’s wise to check them for blockage or faults. Often insects or animals get into them, blocking the airflow. Hence, timely checkups and cleaning become necessary. This ensures a healthy flow of air.

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