Steps to Light A Furnace Pilot Light

Steps to Light A Furnace Pilot Light

Does your HVAC system have a gas furnace? If yes, then you might have faced a lot of problems with the furnace pilot light. Even the slightest breeze can blow out the pilot light, leaving your furnace hanging, with the thermostat at high settings. Such a situation can be disastrous for your home and family.

A furnace pilot light serves as a small ignition flame for the furnace to heat. It is advised to call for a furnace repair in Chandler, AZwhenever such a situation occurs. Professionals can help relight the flame in no time.

How to Light a Furnace Pilot Light? 

Though scheduling a heating repair in Chandler should be your first choice, in situations where you have to pitch in, you can follow the steps given below to light the pilot light of your furnace:

  • Look for the instructions label of the furnace: Every furnace has an instruction label that explains the procedure of lighting the furnace pilot light. Though the print can be tough to understand, keeping it would be a safe and smart choice. It can guide you in situations when you do not know how to proceed.
  • Locate the pilot light and the reset button: Next, find the “Pilot” button. It is an on and off button. Switch off the pilot button to cease the gas supply as that could lead to a dangerous fire. Simultaneously, look for the reset button and remember its location.
  • Relight the Furnace Pilot Light: Turn the “Pilot” button “ON” after the gas dissipates. Next, hold down the reset button that you located and use a long lighter to light the furnace. Bring the lighter close to the pilot opening. After the pilot has been relit, release the pressure from the reset button.

If your furnace pilot light does not light after trying this process twice, there might be an issue with your furnace. You should book a furnace repair, and rule out any possibilities of major damages. Another option to consider would be a heating replacement.

Tips to Safely Light a Furnace

Lighting a furnace in the absence of a professional can be a risky business. To ensure secure relighting of your furnace, follow these tips:

  • Do not light the furnace pilot without turning the furnace off. Excess gas can be hazardous for your health and your home.
  • Relighting a furnace pilot is a task that can be attempted without a professional present. Other than that, do not try to fix anything in your furnace by yourself. Always schedule a heating repair in Chandler
  • To put distance between you and the pilot light, you can use a long lighter, a match, or a piece of rolled paper.

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